quick summary

 make 2018 the year you see new zealand in your 2cv!

​​​​during February and March 2018 a tour, or RAID, of New Zealand will take place using Citroen 2CV vehicles.  Bringing your own car to NZ you will tour both islands in just over 37 days and finish each day's driving at cabin or motel accommodation (you may camp if you wish).  The timing allows for Australian's to get back in time for Cit-In 2018.


  • small group 
  • stay in hard top accommodation or camp if you wish
  • easy driving
  • Group DISCOUNT on freighting cars from australia to nz

“the best vacation. ever!”

That's what we are anticipating our Raiders will say after they have experienced all the scenery, thrills, good food and wine that New Zealand has to offer.  A small group of about 27 cars (maximum 56 participants) will ensure that you get to know all participants and have all the support you may need.